Introducing Fully Customized Premium Packaging For Your Wedding Video

Your wedding video will look its best and fit in next to any big-budget Hollywood flick on your movie shelf.

The best images from your video are featured on the case insert and disc print using the “flourish” layout pictured below.

Get this awesome treatment by selecting the Premium Video package when submitting your request for a quote.

Why Professional Videographers Are Better Than ‘Uncle Frank’

Wedding Video Veil and Shoes

(credit: George Fox)

Often clients will ask me, “You’re a photographer, right?” I’ll tell them that I shoot both photos and video and explain that a package of both is something to think about. Sometimes the reply is, “Oh my I’ve got an uncle or a friend who can shoot some video.” I smile and let them know that’s cool and we settle on what they’re comfortable with.

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why a professional video is better.

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