Krajnovich Wedding Video Highlight

A wedding in Southfield, Michigan at Hope United Methodist Church on December 17, 2011. Produced by Fox Video And Photography. Videography by Ben Rosenau. Edited by George Fox.

The majority of the video was shot on a Canon XH A1 in 16:9 standard definition. I also had my Canon XL-1 setup on a closeup of the bride and a Sony Handycam hidden behind the altar.

I used a Sony UWP-V6 wireless lavolier microphone on the groom. This was the first time I have used this microphone since I purchased one of my own. I have previously rented this unit and I think it works great. It has long range and beautiful sound quality. I set the level a little high for the groom (he was trying to project his voice since he wasn’t miked for the room), but the level turned out to be perfect for picking up the bride.

There were three singers during the service. They had outstanding voices and their performances were major highlights of the event.

Thanks for all the great shots Ben, made for a fun edit.

Songs in the highlight include:

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