Krajnovich Wedding Photo Session In Southfield With Sample Gallery

For the Krajnovich Wedding I used a Canon EOS 20D and a Canon Speedlight. The equipment worked flawlessly. I had to switch out flash batteries once and camera batteries once as well. It was an 8 hour shoot including “getting ready” shots, ceremony, portraits and reception.

The location for the ceremony and reception were both at Hope United Methodist Church in Southfield, Mich. It’s a huge bonus having both portions of a wedding at one venue (zero chance of getting lost or losing the bridal party).

A funny note: a few hours before the ceremony was set to start, I noticed ribbon running along the aisle side of the pews. They wanted to keep guests out of the aisle so it was pristine for the bride. I had to use my best high step to get around. I was praying not to trip and cause a scene. Luckily it worked out. I only had to leave my post on the pew for one quick series on the bride side.

I shot nearly 600 photos and edited down to just under 300 final shots. I provided the .jpeg files to the newlyweds. They were very happy with the quality and variety of shots. Here’s a sample gallery.

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