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  • Kate And Victor Mangona Wedding Video Highlight

    If you’ve been watching my videos for a while you’ll start to see some patterns. Kate and Victor’s spectacular wedding has pushed a typical wedding video into something special.

  • Lindsey Marie Stayner Maternity Photo Highlight

    See a few of my favorite photos from Lindsey’s maternity shoot. Thanks to Stephanie and Chad Scott for providing an amazing location at Mud Lake in Vicksburg, Mich. This is my first…

    Michelle and Matt Milne Wedding Photo Highlight

    View a sample of the images captured at Michelle Carrico and Matt Milne’s wedding June, 13 2014 at Roostertail in Detroit, Michigan.

  • ‘Gin And Juice’ Wedding Speech Rap For Chrissy And Joe Janiga Congratulations to the newlyweds Chrissy and Joe Janiga! Here’s a sneak peek at their wedding video. I couldn’t resist putting this up right away.

    Bryanne And Ian Green Wedding Photo Highlight

    View a sample of the images captured at Bryanne and Ian’s wedding on March, 15 2014 at the Howell Opera House.

    David and Jamie Bennett Wedding Photo Highlights

    Congratulations to the beautiful new couple Jamie and David. I have to admit that I’m partial to this couple since David is my nephew. It’s been awesome to see him grow into…

    Charles And Gavina Price Wedding Photos

    Enjoy this sample of shots from this wedding I shot on September 22, 2012. Fellowship Baptist Church served as the ceremony location which is located at 14046 N. Saginaw Rd. in Clio, Mich.

    Elliot Reception / Table Shots Session At Cliff Bells In Detroit

    For this reception-only shoot again I used the Canon EOS 20D and a Canon Speedlight. The venue was a low to medium light situation with very little opportunity to bounce from the ceiling so I used the diffusion filter halfway out to serve as a mini bounce. I angled the light up 45 degrees to soften the light.

    • Krajnovich Wedding

    Krajnovich Wedding Photo Session In Southfield With Sample Gallery

    For the Krajnovich Wedding I used a Canon EOS 20D and a Canon Speedlight. The equipment worked flawlessly. I had to switch out flash batteries once and camera batteries once as well. It was an 8 hour shoot including “getting ready” shots, ceremony, portraits and reception.

  • Alice Lerette

    Family History Video With My Late Grandmother Alice

    My family and I feel so lucky to have this video. My Grandmother passed away not long after this video was completed. I made copies for everyone in my family who asked for one.