Elliot Reception / Table Shots Session At Cliff Bells In Detroit

For this reception-only shoot again I used the Canon EOS 20D and a Canon Speedlight. The venue was a low to medium light situation with very little opportunity to bounce from the ceiling so I used the diffusion filter halfway out to serve as a mini bounce. I angled the light up 45 degrees to soften the light.

Cliff Bells is an extremely classy restaurant and bar. It’s medium-sized holding only about 200 people so needless to say it was a semi-intimate reception. The couple had a 50s glamour theme that was understated and tasteful.

My role was to help out the main photographer after the ceremony and formals since he was a friend of the family. I can understand the couple not wanting their friend to work all night. Overall the shots came out nicely save for a few shots that had a slow shutter by the car. I thought the natural light was so nice during twilight, but for some reason the camera wasn’t reading it right. It took me a few shots to realize the Program feature wasn’t working and switched to manual.

I shot almost 400 images, pared down to 364 after trashing the worst of the worst and delivered about 150 keepers to the happy couple. Below is a sample.

I wish the newlyweds a long and happy marriage.

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